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As individuals and societies, we cannot thrive without
safe and efficient scientific research.



Who We Are

BioRAFT's mission is to be the cornerstone of unburdened, scientific advancement: to enable researchers to accelerate their discoveries and for laboratories to exist as safe places of learning and development for the bright minds of today and the scientific results of tomorrow.

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Since our inception in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2003, we have had an unwavering commitment to mitigating risk in research. We do so through continuous investment in software development, acquisitions, and infrastructure security to improve and expand our enterprise system to support organizations and their scientific endeavors.

Our organization comprises bench researchers, scientists, engineers, and EHS professionals who have come from several different backgrounds and have the knowledge and experience necessary to improve lab safety and compliance across a varying array of industries.

What We Do

At BioRAFT, we reduce the burden to researchers worldwide while increasing safety, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency to their organizations through our modular, enterprise software solutions.  

Working together with researchers, safety professionals, and leadership from academia, biotechnology, government, and pharmaceutical organizations, we strive to:

Enable researchers to focus on their research, safely. 

Our intuitive tools and applications are easy to use, with intelligent workflows and comprehensive data collection that provide robust, actionable insights in less time.

Provide practical tools to identify & mitigate risks.

With robust yet straightforward enterprise tools, we replace patchwork risk management software with a seamlessly integrated application that promotes a safety-centric culture in research and provides critical support operations.

Limit harmful impacts on resources, reputation, & finances.

Mitigate dangers and devastating effects on life, operations, and the community with our software tools. As a certified Loss Control, our solutions are helping organizations significantly reduce risk. Learn why top insurance companies trust BioRAFT and offer credits on insurance premiums for our customers.

We help...

…researchers spend less time on administrative tasks and more time working on their next great discovery.


…EHS professionals become time-savers and safety culture heroes.


…customers reduce insurance premiums.



Our Core Values


Founded by researchers, for researchers

Our management and product development teams are experts in academic and pharmaceutical research, scientific software, education, healthcare, and aerospace. We understand the importance of laboratory safety, efficiency and compliance, risk mitigation, and we're committed to making the researcher experience as painless and productive as possible.


Non-stop innovation

Everyone at BioRAFT pushes their limits every day to develop newer and better ideas. From the start, we have blazed our path rather than modeling our solutions on others. Our style of work is fast-paced and upbeat. We think aloud and perpetually push ourselves to better solutions.


An invested team with a dedicated purpose

Our culture allows everyone on our team to feel a deep connection and ownership of the applications we create and solutions we deliver. Because of our shared mission and goals, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and attention to detail in every aspect of our work.

Who We Serve

You and everyone else you reach. Think about it: researchers, EHS, facilities, finance, leadership, and students are exposed to known and unknown risks that need to be managed.

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BioRAFT | 3 Center Plaza, Suite 501, Boston, MA 02108 | (800) 939-7238