Training Delivery & Management Module

Training Module

Offer a comprehensive health and safety training program with automated requirements setting, reminders, and course delivery


  • Training dashboards show training activity, compliance snapshots, and trends across an entire organization or department
  • Delivers training content in a mobile-friendly, web-based format and can integrate with a variety of training delivery systems
  • Highlights who is delinquent and shows longest offenders so training managers can quickly and accurately target outreach efforts
  • Set training requirements for each researcher based on their current job activities and hazard exposures
  • Automatically send training reminders and delinquent training notifications to researchers
  • Schedule classroom training sessions and document attendance
  • Maintain a history of all training records


  • Track the training compliance of your entire organization, department, or individual laboratory
  • Increase training compliance through easily accessible web training
  • Address training delinquencies quickly and directly
  • Save time and increase training efficiency with shorter training targeted at each researcher’s specific needs
  • Automate labor-intensive communication tasks for EHS
  • Easily set up in-classroom training, organize sessions, and keep proper records