Radioisotope Management Module

Radioisotope Management Module

 Manage a complete radioisotope use program, from license limits to waste disposal. 


The Radioisotope Management Module provides organizational tools to track and manage your organization's radioisotope inventory from cradle to grave.

By tracking isotopes from order to disposal, the Radioisotope Management Module is able to calculate and report real-time totals of radiological inventory on hand.  Know how much radioactivity exists in which vials for which isotopes in a given laboratory, and across the entire organization.  Additionally, the module will allow Safety Officers to set site-wide and location specific license limits to ensure that activity limits stay within preset levels.


Allow Researchers to Place Rad Requests Online

  • Easy to use forms for new rad requests, waste pickup requests, and inventory requests.
  • Intelligent controls track order amounts to ensure that they are within set limits for a laboratory and site-wide.
  • Access limitations can be enforced based on compliance with requisite training requirements
  • See historical and current orders or pickup requests online for any given laboratory

Know your Radioisotope Inventory

  • Auto calculates decay rates for accurate real-time inventory reports
  • View isotope totals by laboratory or for the entire organization
  • Track waste activity and waste containers
  • Reports calculate compliance levels with site-wide and laboratory limits

Complete Rad Management

  • Manage Laboratory RAM Licenses and expirations
  • Rad Badge Tracking
  • Rad Equipment Tracking (Geiger counters, x-ray producing equipment, etc)
  • Rad specific training audits (with Training module

Online Rad Requests

  • Easy to use form for collecting rad request information
  • Works with centralized ordering, or distributed
  • Works with centralized receiving or distributed
  • Access controls limit who can place orders to only authorized users
  • Training controls can limit access to only users current on training requirements
  • Email notifications alert designated individuals when new orders are placed

Rad Receiving

  • Easy interface for marking open orders as received upon delivery
  • Support for partial receiving of bulk or recurring orders
  • Easily update order information to reflect the number of vials and activity actually received

Vial Tracking

  • Automatically generates vials in the system based on received order information
  • Associates vials to the order number and to the proper lab in the system
  • Supports vial transfers between labs and partial vial alloquats
  • See full history of a vial: order info, transfer/alloquat info, disposal/waste container info
  • Easy online submission for waste pickup requests and empty vials

Waste Container Management

  • Easily see and manage open and closed waste containers online
  • Real-time calculation of activity amounts for closed containers
  • Auto calculation of container review and disposal dates based on half-life decay
  • Support for off-site disposal for containers with long half-life isotopes

Centralized Reporting

  • View real-time totals of isotope inventories site-wide
  • Easily drill into information to see detailed reports on what isotopes are being used where and the current activity levels
  • See detailed information regarding a laboratory's current and past activity
  • Quickly view which labs and which researchers in your organization have access to radioactive materials
  • View isotope-centric reports for details on usage across the organization
  • Detailed history reports for vials and orders
  • Other related reports including Training, Rad Badges, and Rad Equipment

Laboratory License Management

  • Track Rad licenses authorizations and expiration dates
  • Ability to revoke or suspend license due to violations
  • Automatic email alerts when license expirations approach

Easy Compliance Management

  • Enforce training requirements for your radioisotope users
  • Know your licensed activity limits and how close you are to exceeding them
  • Quickly access detailed audit history for every vial in your research center
  • Know where all of your radioactivity is across your organization
  • Track who has access to radioactive materials

Cross System Connections

  • Integrates with the Training Module to control access to only authorized and trained individuals 
  • Send emails to specific groups of Rad users via the SmartMailer
  • Track Rad specific forms and authorizations via the Form Manager