Integrated Platform


Gain actionable insights for your safety and compliance program with a foundation of connected, accurate, and real-time information.



User Safety Profiles are comprehensive safety data profiles for users and spaces that power automated requirements and communications.

Lab Safety Profiler provides a holistic view of the laboratory’s activities, hazards, and risks, which can be used to drive communication, training, inspections requirements, and assignment of appropriate PPE.

Hazards & Job Activities work together to automate a variety of common, often laborious safety tasks. Hazards are assigned based on Safety Profile information for both users and spaces, while Job Activities reflect the responsibilities and hazards individuals may come into contact with. 

Compliance Email Inbox creates a high-visibility space on the BioRAFT home screen where reminders and notifications are stored, providing all users with clear communication and ability to take immediate action.

Door Signs apply Laboratory Safety Profile hazard information to generate icons that may be associated with ISO Warning symbols, ISO prohibitive symbols, or OSHA GHS Symbols. Door Sign Templates can display a diverse set of NFPA 704 Diamond, Emergency Contacts, Area Hazards, and Personal Protective Equipment requirements.

Smart Mailer Communicator helps EHS target specific audiences within the research community based on hazards, locations, or individual requirements, improving credibility and preventing 'tune out'.

Customized Overview Dashboards provide real time reporting for areas of interest or concern. Dashboards can be configured to display only relevant information such as: Biological Inspections, Biological Training and Biological Equipment Used, or Inspections. Easily spot trends and compare frequency of findings over a set duration of time.

Buildings & Spaces enable BioRAFT to support your team with inspections, locating equipment, chemical inventory & reporting, and targeted communication by space. Instant access to critical information for emergency responders.

Permission-Based Access People throughout the organization are only able to view, edit, or access information that is specifically relevant to their activities and level of responsibilities within the organization (such as the Health and Safety Department/Division, or within a particular laboratory in which they are assigned).