Animal Contact Occupational Health & Risk Module

Animal Contact OccHealth Module

An easy to use, researcher friendly system for maintaining organizational compliance with AAALAC related Occupational Medicine guidelines and requirements.

The Animal Contact Occupational Health Module helps research centers collect, authorize, organize and track data required to meet OSHA and AAALAC guidelines and requirements. 


This module ensures that all researchers with animal contact are properly trained and have met the approval of the Occupational Health and Medicine department.

There are three main categories of users of the module:

  • Compliance Personnel – These users determine who comes in contact with animal materials and is subject to the OccHealth review process.  They may monitor reports to see who is overdue or whose license has expired, and who is approved for animal contact.
  • Individuals subject to Occupational Medicine review – These users are invited into BioRAFT via email and guided through a step-by-step wizard to determine their level of animal contact and relevant medical information.  The system will also ensure that they are current on any required training.
  • Occupational Medicine Clinicians, Nurses, and Practitioners – These users are responsible for reviewing the submitted forms and making approval decisions.

Through the use of automated email alerts, easy-to-use wizards, easy management and approval interfaces and concise reporting tools, the Animal Contact OccHealth Module helps minimize administrative effort, while increasing compliance.



Compliance Personnel Features

Compliance personnel are typically made up of Animal Resource Center employees, Institutional Animal Care Committee (IACUC) Coordinators, Environmental Health and Safety professionals, and Occupational Health Managers.  They are responsible for keeping track of which researchers in their organization have contact with animals or animal materials and are thus required to fulfill the OccHealth process.  The system provides tools for them to track the status of these individuals and when they were last approved for animal contact.  For privacy, Compliance Personnel do not have any access to the medical forms submitted, but only the final decision regarding the individual’s approval for animal contact.


The Animal Contact OccHealth Module provides these users with

  • An easy interface for enabling or disabling access to individuals as someone with animal contact
  • High level reports that show which animal users are approved for animal contact, which users have submitted an application and are awaiting approval, and which users have not yet submitted
  • Effortless management of renewals by auto-expiring forms that are older than one year and emailing individuals to update and resubmit their current information
  • Search tools for finding users and their current status
  • Methods to view any recommendations or requirements set by Occupational Medicine for an individual’s animal contact

Individuals Subject to Occupational Medicine Review Features

Anyone in the organization that has contact with animals or animal materials during their work duties must complete the Occupational Health assessment process.  These users are guided through a step-by-step wizard to determine their level of animal contact and collect medical history regarding health concerns related to their work with animals.  The wizard also ensures that they are up-to-date on required Zoonosis training courses and presents them with these courses if not.


Features of the Animal Contact OccHealth Module specific to these users are:

  • Automatic e-mail notifications and reminders to effortlessly guide new users into the system
  • Automatic expiration notices to remind users to keep their information current
  • User friendly registration system clearly walks users through the required steps
  • Registration wizard auto-fills information that was previously collected or known to speed data entry and renewal processes

Occupational Medicine Clinicians, Nurses, and Practitioners Features

Occupational Health employees are responsible for reviewing the submitted forms and making approval decisions.  These users have their own interface for seeing which forms are pending review, and all past forms submitted.  Multiple Occupational Health reviewers can work together to process queues of submitted forms or share notes on specific forms.  Historical submissions and notes are always maintained and updated forms can be easily compared to past submissions to see what has changed.


The Animal Contact OccHealth Module provides these users with the ability to:

  • Mark forms as Approved, Denied, as requiring further review by a clinician, or as requiring an in person consultation
  • See complete history of when forms were submitted, any edits that were made, which OccMed staff member processed the form, and any notes that were taken
  • Compare prior submissions to the current form to see what has changed when processing a renewal and view any notes taken by reviewers in the past
  • Email questions or comments directly to the individual that submitted the form, along with an auto-generated link to allow them to re-access the form to update or correct information

Easy Compliance Management

  • Auto email notifications when occupational health forms are due for a user
  • High level registration status reports to quickly see who's training has expired, is in process, or has never started.
  • Auto Training Requirement management

Cross System Connections

  • Integrates with the Training Module to require training compliance prior to OccHealth form submission and approval.  
  • Also drives further training requirements based on information collected in the form (e.g. researchers that come in contact with non-human primates can be required to take a special course)
  • Authorized users can send emails targeted to only those individuals with animal contact via the SmartMailer