Hazardous Waste Pickup

ChemTracker Module

Providing efficiency, increased visibility, and accountability into hazardous waste disposal pickup processes.


  • Expedite the pickup request process and reduce submission-based errors
  • Quickly answer vital questions about waste producing individuals and areas in your organization
  • Use data from waste requests to identify waste disposal trends and reduce costs
  • Organization-wide waste pickup requests increase efficiency
  • Unique pickup request identification numbers make auditing past activity a breeze



  • Centralized management of pickup requests
  • Create Waste Pickup Profiles for common waste pickup requests (e.g. phenol/chloroform tips, halogenated organic solvents, used oil)
  • Track waste production by laboratory group or space
  • Pickup request forms pre-populated with information from BioRAFT’s centralized database
  • View locations and track audits of Satellite accumulation areas
  • Supports compliance with Subpart K requirements