Equipment Module

Equipment Module

Track and manage research equipment; users, locations, certifications, and much more.


  • Equipment summary page shows totals of different equipment types across an organization as well as how many have expired certifications or are out of service
  • Tracks standard equipment information such as serial number, manufacturer, photos, and location
  • Maintains a history of service records, permit records, certifications, calibrations, and audit reports on each piece of equipment
  • Tracks authorized users for each piece of equipment, which can drive appropriate training
  • Stores a library of SOPs, operating manuals, and training materials related to specific equipment
  • Assigns a QR code to each equipment item for quick lookup



  • Easily access a clear snapshot of equipment compliance across an organization
  • QR codes can quickly show laboratory personnel equipment information stored in BioRAFT
  • Researchers, compliance & safety personnel, and department administrators can view all relevant information for each piece of equipment they oversee
  • Ensures researchers get the appropriate training for the research equipment they use