Custom Modules and Solutions

Custom Modules

Are you looking for a feature that BioRAFT doesn't currently offer?

BioRAFT custom modules are built upon the BioRAFT Platform to offer integrated features and functionality. 


Each one of our current Modules was developed as a Custom Module to solve a need for one or more of our member organizations or partners.

Customers work with the BioRAFT team to create new modules that add functionality to the BioRAFT platform. BioRAFT provides the organizational and programmatic infrastructure that enables development of new modules, which means that anything from a simple data entry tool to an advanced application can be developed and added to BioRAFT. 

BioRAFT Custom Modules can:

  • Be developed to meet nearly any research management need, small or large
  • Integrate external software services to offer single point of entry management
  • Provide a gateway between vendor provided services and research center management  

Who can have modules developed?

Nearly any type of group involved in research management can have a module developed into BioRAFT.  Typically EHS departments, animal resource centers, research labs, and biotech companies are our major contributors.  For companies that offer their software and services to research centers, BioRAFT can provide the ability to connect directly to your customers.

How the development process works

BioRAFT works with its member organizations and partners to:

  • Brainstorm new ideas to ensure the concepts are fully evaluated
  • Document the processes to ensure that the solution solves the problem
  • Develop the features in a way that ensures they will actually be used

Three of the hardest aspects of software development

  • Properly planning the requirements and user flow
  • Keeping it simple enough that people will actually use it
  • Ensuring that the system is structured in a way that enables changes and enhancements to the module after it is released 

The BioRAFT development and planning team works closely with customers to ensure that all three of these critical aspects are handled properly.