ChemTracker Inventory Reconciliation
& SDS Attachments Webinar

ChemTracker Reconciliation and SDS Attachment Webinar

Watch the webinar record to learn more about ChemTracker.  Matt Segal and Sarina Schwartz-Hinds, host a demonstration of ChemTracker's inventory reconciliation tool and SDS attachments.

This webinar aired on September 17, 2020 3:00 - 3:30 pm Eastern
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Update Your Inventory with Speed and Accuracy

ChemTracker's inventory reconciliation workflow is specifically designed for checking and updating large quantities of inventory containers. Learn how to complete your inventory audits easily with the new dedicated reconciliation tool in ChemTracker.

Easily Add SDS and Other Attachments

Important information such as SDS or additional attachments can be added to chemicals within ChemTracker. Researchers can securely access even confidential SDS specifically selected for your institution's needs. Watch a quick demonstration of how this feature works.

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