Peroxide Formers - Main
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Peroxide Formers – Tracking & Disposal

Questions about peroxide former tracking and disposal require high quality answers. We’ll review salient points and real-world solutions.

Thursday May 6, 2021
3:00-4:00 PM Eastern Time


Jeff Harris
Carnegie Mellon University

Tammy Lutz-Rechtin
University of Arkansas

Corey Martin
Spotlight Safety

Reopening Operations - Main
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Reopening Full Scientific Operations

Soon, you’ll face challenges (both old and new) for maintaining safety and smooth operations. The time to start seriously preparing is now.

Thursday May 20, 2021
3:00-4:00 PM Eastern Time


Thomas Horvath
California State University, Monterey Bay

Jonah Lee
University of Michigan

H&S Careers - Main
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Scientific H&S Career Growth Possibilities

Science & Safety can take your career to some fascinating places. Where do you want your path to take you?

Thursday June 3, 2021
3:00-4:00 PM Eastern Time


Joe Coffey
Intact Insurance Specialty Solutions

Sarah Morris-Benavides
College of Science and EHS, University of Utah

AJ Troiano
Safer Behaviors

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Internal Barriers - Main
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Breaking Down Internal Barriers to Safety

It's hard enough to create a positive safety culture without internal politics getting in the way as well. This webinar will provide techniques for navigating internal barriers to help you achieve your goals. [This webinar aired on Thursday April 22, 2021]
Sarah Morris-Benavides / Aaron Todd
Engage Scientists - Main
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How to Engage Your Scientists in Safety

Our scientists can be our greatest assets for safety, if we can just figure out how to bring them in. Join us to discuss strategies for this difficult task. [This webinar aired on Thursday April 8, 2021]
Becky Grunewald / Divya Krishnamurthy / Partha Krishnan / Megan Shoff
Safety Training - Main
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Designing Safety Training that Sticks

When safety training has to compete with COVID-19 for mental real estate, it must be effective and memorable. We’ll show you how to get away from “In one ear and out the other.” [This webinar aired on Thursday March 25, 2021]
Kathy Irish / Jonathan Klane
After the Vaccine - Main
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Health & Safety After the Vaccine

What will EHS look like once widespread vaccine rollout has progressed? We'll discuss and explore the fundamental changes our panelists are anticipating. [This webinar aired on Thursday March 11, 2021]
Mary Lucot / Craig Merlic
Fit Testing - Main
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Fit Testing Do's & Don'ts

Though coronavirus has increased the importance of fit testing respirators, there is also a risk of close contact and exposure. Our panelists will share how they've found the right balance. [This webinar aired on Thursday February 25, 2021]

Mary Duda / Ladan Khandel / Jill Parrett

Emergency Response - Main
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Managing Emergencies During an Ongoing Emergency

Emergency Management is hard enough without an ongoing pandemic to complicate things. We'll review how common EM solutions have changed, and examine COVID-influenced plans. [This webinar aired on February 11, 2021]

Michael Blayney / Jennifer Howley / Jenny Novak

Ventilation Issues Table - Main
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Resolving Critical Ventilation Issues

The presence of SARS-CoV-2 has placed even more importance on the smooth operating of our ventilation systems. We'll discuss ways to prevent problems and resolve issues when they do occur. [This webinar aired on January 28, 2021]

Lou DiBerardinis / Marvin Kirshenbaum / Vytenis A. Milunas

Inefficient Processes - Main
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Identifying & Improving Inefficient Safety Processes

To continue operating sustainably, Health & Safety professionals must fundamentally reassess and improve pre-COVID safety processes. How? Through effective, real-world process improvement. [This webinar aired on January 14, 2021]

Erich Fruchtnicht / Amy Haberman / Karla Loebick

Lab Ventilation - Main
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Laboratory Ventilation Best Practices for Coronavirus

It's never been more critical to understand and control the air we breathe. We'll discuss standards, communication, filter types, turnover rates, and more. [This webinar aired on December 17, 2020]

Partha Krishnan / Mary Lucot / Ralph Stuart

Luis Biosecurity - Main
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SARS-CoV-2 Biosecurity for 60 Million People: An Interview with Luis Alberto Ochoa Carrera

It's not often you get to learn about managing an ongoing COVID-19 response at this scale. Luis shares invaluable perspectives on epidemics and epidemiological surveillance with the Health & Safety Community. [This webinar aired on December 3, 2020]

Luis Alberto Ochoa Carrera

Triaging Chemical Safety - Main
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Triaging Chemical Safety & Inventory Responsibilities

As COVID-impacted resources for chemical safety and inventory shift, safety professionals must adapt to keep up. Often, that means reconsidering priorities and asking hard questions about what is absolutely necessary. [This webinar aired on November 19, 2020]

Anne Kogut / Divya Krishnamurthy

Engaging Training - Main
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How to Deliver Engaging Training During a Pandemic

Finding or creating high quality content isn't easy, especially when COVID-19 is taxing people's attention and energy. This webinar will give you guidance on common pitfalls and positive characteristics of engaging training content. [This webinar aired on November 5, 2020]

Lora Grainger / Jill James / Brock A. Young

Seat at the Table - Main
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Getting EHS a (Better) Seat at the Table

At a time when input from EHS is needed most, some organizations still struggle to allow their EHS teams to weigh in. We talk strategy for getting your voice heard. [This webinar aired on October 22, 2020]

Elisabeth Clark / Robin Izzo / Corey Martin

Bathroom Safety - Main
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COVID-19 Bathroom Safety – Aerosols & Transmission

Are toilet plumes and hand dryers a major source of COVID-19 risk? Not likely! We bring together a panel of experts to help sort it out and arm you with valuable evidence-based knowledge. [this webinar aired on October 8, 2020]

Pierre Herckes / Jonathan Klane

Managing Inspections - Main
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Managing Inspections in a COVID-19 World

An inspection program can be difficult to run in the best of times. Now, teams that are already dealing with substantial challenges must ensure safe working conditions are maintained. [this webinar aired on September 22, 2020]

Angela Dartt / Chris Kolodziej

Risk Assessment - Main
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Risk Assessments

For risks both big and small, it is essential to understand and account for the impact of COVID-19. When many common tools for mitigating risk are no longer effective, what options remain? [this webinar aired on September 10, 2020]

Sean Fitzgerald / Trent Peacock / Meghan Seltzer

Coronavirus Safety in Teaching Labs - Main
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Coronavirus Safety in Teaching Labs

Teaching labs present their own unique safety challenges: shared equipment, close quarters, and multiple individuals indoors for a prolonged time. We review best practices and creative solutions to nagging issues. [this webinar aired on August 27, 2020]

Shawna Lesseur / Jodi Ogilvie / Samuella B. Sigmann

Disinfection Technology and Tactics - Main
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Coronavirus Disinfection Technologies & Tactics

The need for both routine and deep disinfection grows as repopulations continue. Our panelists will discuss the technologies they're eyeing and the policies they're employing to keep the spread of coronavirus under control. [this webinar aired on August 6, 2020]

Aristea Lubar / Megan Shoff / Joan Wickersheim

Focus on Facemasks - Main
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Focus on Face Masks – Balancing Risk Reduction

Policies, materials, disinfection and reuse, particle filtering, risk reduction... We're ready to dive deep on the use of face masks in the laboratory and R&D environment. [this webinar aired on July 23, 2020]

Richard Ashworth / Joshua E. Turse

Facilities and Maintenance Safety - Featured
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Keeping Facilities & Maintenance Personnel Safe During COVID-19

We discuss the procedures and policies that should be considered when protecting this vital arm of research operations during the coronavirus pandemic. How can we develop creative solutions for risky situations? [this webinar aired on July 9, 2020]

Laura Duckworth / Melanie Peapell / Ron Souza

Safety Culture & Trust
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Safety Culture & Trust – Preparing for On-site Repopulations

With organizations reopening and personnel returning, what can we do to help everyone feel and be safe? Having a positive safety culture may have never been more tangible or more important. [this webinar aired on June 25, 2020]

Jesse Decker / Jonathan Klane / Ralph Stuart

Retrospective on Coronavirus Response - Social
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Retrospective on Coronavirus Initial Response

It's not often all our emergency response plans get put into action at the same time. How did our plans fare when the rubber met the road? In the event of a second spike, how can we apply these lessons learned to have a more controlled, less frantic response? [this webinar aired on June 18, 2020]

Sarah Ells / Anne Kogut / Larry Mendoza

Communicating with Leadership
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Communicating with Leadership During Tough Times

Tensions are high, emotions are frayed, and you likely need to communicate even more than you had to previously. Join to brainstorm and workshop tips and techniques for effective communication during this time of stress. [this webinar aired on June 4, 2020]

David Gillum / JP Hooks / Robin Izzo

Ramp Up and Reopening Checklists - Social
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Ramp Up & Reopen Checklists – Anticipating Needs

While we may not know precisely when it will happen, we do know labs are going to be starting back up. How will you manage this transition? What plans and policies will be in place to keep personnel safe and also meet the many unexpected needs that will appear? [this webinar aired on May 21, 2020]

Kimi Brown / Michael Engle / Craig Merlic / Jennifer Ramil

Supporting Active Labs - Social
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Supporting Labs that are Active, Essential, & Operational

As Health & Safety transitions to WFH, some labs are pivoting and ramping up research efforts to combat the coronavirus outbreak. Learn about what your peers are doing to support lab safety in this unusual situation. [this webinar aired on May 14, 2020]

Sylvie Blondelle / Jack Bracken / Sean Fitzgerald / Jonathan Klane

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