What We Do at BioRAFT

As individuals and societies, we cannot thrive without better scientific research. 

Today researchers are required to spend far too much time on non-research job requirements diluting their ability to do what they do best; discover, cure, and explain the unknown. Working with research organizations we have a core mission:

Enable researchers to focus on their research


BioRAFT's mission is to free researchers to focus on their research by streamlining safety and compliance. Today's researchers are required to spend too much time on tasks that take them away from their research. Not only are the systems for training and compliance cumbersome and frustrating, but they waste researchers' time by forcing them to complete irrelevant tasks or conform to inconvenient schedules that disrupt their experiments.

The BioRAFT solution provides great user interfaces and streamlined workflows that allow researchers to get into the system, do what they need to do, and get back to research in the shortest time possible. In addition, helpful notifications and reminders, and time-saving automation frees researchers and safety professionals to spend less time on compliance and more time on improving safety culture in laboratories.

Wherever people are conducting scientific research--a college campus, a research institute, or a large pharmaceutical company--BioRAFT is enabling leadership to say "focus on your research" safely.