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About Us

Headquartered in Cambridge, MA., BioRAFT is located in the heart of the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and academic research capital of the world.

BioRAFT was established in 2003 to provide enterprise safety and compliance solutions to scientific research organizations. In 2012, we received an investment from Digital Science that welcomed us into the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group network: a family of companies dedicated to improving science and education, including Springer, Nature Publishing Group, Macmillan Learning, Scientific American, and Holtzbrinck Digital.

BioRAFT’s management and product development teams come from academic and pharmaceutical research, scientific software, education, healthcare, and aerospace industries. Laboratory safety and compliance is our expertise, and our experience is evident in the effect of our software on research organizations world-wide. The BioRAFT solution combines comprehensive data collection, thoughtful workflows, and ease of use for researchers and safety professionals alike.

Finally, BioRAFT goes beyond helping users meet minimum compliance standards. Our software is a researcher-friendly system that helps organizations develop a robust safety database and lets users get more out of that data in less time. BioRAFT understands user needs, and is an intuitive application that even the most hard-nosed researcher or executive will use and value.

BioRAFT Acquires ChemTracker IP to Enhance Its Laboratory Safety Applications

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., March 30, 2017 -- Laboratory safety software company BioRAFT announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Stanford University to acquire the license to the ChemTracker brand and intellectual property. The agreement will enable BioRAFT to combine ChemTracker's powerful chemical safety and regulatory information database with BioRAFT's enterprise solution and user-friendly interface. Read More

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