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Chemical Inventory & Complex Reporting. Simplified.
  • Easily Add Inventory
  • Generate Complex Regulatory Reports
  • Safer Chemical Storage
  • View Fire Control Areas
  • Search Safety Data Sheets
  • Auto-Converts Between Units

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ChemTracker has made managing inventory and generating reporting a breeze.
"ChemTracker has made managing inventory and generating reports a breeze."


Boost Productivity With Accurate Chemical Inventory

Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your chemical safety program with ChemTracker. Powered by a proprietary, hand-curated chemical database, this authoritative source of chemical hazard and regulatory information is trusted by researchers and EHS professionals alike.

By simplifying the chemical inventory process, ChemTracker ensures reliable chemical data while also lowering risk. Provide SDS access without manual setup with the SDS Module. Plus, you can generate complex regulatory reports in seconds rather than weeks, making researchers and EHS teams more productive.

Key Benefits

Superior Reporting Accuracy

Superior Reporting Accuracy

Increase reporting accuracy with a well-maintained chemical regulatory database that has been built, verified, and managed by chemical and regulatory experts over the last 25 years.

Meet Regulatory Needs

Meet Regulatory Needs

Spend less time on reporting by instantly knowing if a chemical on hand is under applicable federal and local regulations (e.g. CFATS, fire code, EPA, Tier II).

Greater Automation

Greater Automation

Eliminate your tedious and time-consuming manual reporting tasks and replace with ChemTracker’s powerful regulatory report engine.

Increase Visibility

Increase Visibility

Lower risk by gaining complete visibility into the location of hazardous chemicals across your organization.

Trusted Data

Trusted Data

Reduce your workload with a proprietary database of hand-curated chemicals and mixtures — all with known regulatory implications, fire code information, and hazard details.

Improved Efficiency

Improved Efficiency

Avoid excess ordering for laboratories and EHS teams and reduce costs for subsequent hazardous waste disposal.

Complex Reporting in Just a Few Clicks

Are you used to reports taking hours or days to complete? With the ChemTracker chemical database, it takes just seconds.

Don't Let Regulations Drive You Crazy Any Longer  
ChemTracker's robust chemical database has numerous reports and regulations built into the software. Now you can easily run reports on DHS CFATS/COI, Federal Tier II, and more.

Looking for Chemicals That Fall Under Specific Regulations?
No problem. ChemTracker can help with these and many other regulations:

  • OSHA regulated carcinogens list
  • RCRA
  • International Building Code (IBC) class assignments
  • NFPA ratings
  • DOT hazard class
  • Storage group
  • EPA SARA 312 
  • EPA 40 CFR 63
  • ITAR
Fire Code Reporting Done Right

With just a few clicks, you can get a report with the total amounts of chemicals under each IBC hazard category per control area, in the units needed for the applicable maximum allowable quantity (MAQ). Your researchers can enter data in metric units, and ChemTracker will convert the numbers to imperial units. And with the ChemTracker chemical database, hazard class assignments and density data are built in. That means no more of the tedious and unreliable manual data entry that other inventory systems require.

State-Specific Reports?  No Problem. 

Watch our videos to learn more about some of ChemTracker's state-specific reporting capabilities, including:

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See just how easy it is to generate chemical reports in ChemTracker.
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Must-Have Features

Real Time Reports

Real-time reporting with total amounts of every chemical by laboratory, space, building, department, or division

Find Chemicals

Chemicals, mixtures, products, and kits searchable by chemical name, CAS number, or product code


Converts units using density data to go from metric to imperial or between mass and volume in just a click

Centralized System

A centralized system with a simple user interface

Barcodes and RFID Tags

Supports barcodes and RFID tags


Easy to export inventory list into a digital file


Simple management of user permissions to ensure security of chemical inventory

Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile

Easy to use on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

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You Deserve More From Your Chemical Inventory System

Our eBook includes details on how a good system:
  • Helps you maintain high audit readiness without additional work
  • Matches your style of inventory management
  • Eliminates tedious, time-consuming tasks
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Stop Losing Sleep Over Reporting

No one ever looks forward to reporting season. But with ChemTracker, you'll have a powerful system designed to handle the complex requirements involved in creating reports. Many of your peers couldn't imagine going through another reporting season without ChemTracker. We think it could benefit you as well. Ready to learn more?

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A Modular, Scalable Solution

The BioRAFT platform improves the efficiency of scientists and safety teams by replacing piecemeal systems and cumbersome manual methods.

As your organization’s needs grow, you can gain new capabilities by implementing additional modules.

Training_blue Training Delivery & Management

Offer a comprehensive health and safety training program with user-specific assignments, automated requirements, and reminders.

Inspections Inspections & Audits

Assign, conduct, and review inspections and self-inspections based on hazard and risk criteria, which drives real-time data-analysis dashboards.

Chemtracker_blue ChemTracker

Manage chemical inventory with a robust chemical database, and generate complex regulatory reports with ease.

Equipment_blue Asset & Equipment Management

Track and manage your institution's research equipment and assets, including users, locations, certifications, and more.

SDS_blue Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Search and view a comprehensive library of over 1 million unique SDSs.

Biosafety Biosafety Registration & Committee

Streamline the biosafety registration process, from project and materials submission to committee review, for all parties involved.

Hazardous-waste_blue Hazardous Waste Pickup

Streamline the process of requesting waste pickup, from the lab to health and safety, while retaining lab-specific data.

Radioisotope_blue Radioisotope Management

Manage a complete radioisotope use program, from broad scope license limits to authorized user registrations and cradle-to-grave reporting.

Occupational_blue Occupational Health & Risk Assessments

Identify, review, and track users who are potentially exposed to animal allergens, and survey for their exposure levels and potential health impacts.

Student Lab Safety Training Student Lab Safety Training

Confidently manage laboratory and shop safety training for your undergraduate student population and prepare them for careers in research.