Life Science Research

Life Science Research

Cost Effective EHS Management

Augment your EHS team to support safety and compliance for more sites and more groups.

Give Your Team a Boost

Key Benefits

  • Reduces the time EHS spends on manual tasks
  • Helps identify gaps in safety programs
  • Assists reporting to leadership

Get Your Data Act Together

Consolidate data and systems into BioRAFT to streamline access and operations
for your compliance programs.

Bring it all together


Reduction in time spent on safety inspections

Dashboards and Reporting for Managing, and Management

Real-time reports and dashboards help your EHS Team allocate resources, identify areas for improvement, and communicate with leadership.

Look into the data

Dashboards and Reports to help you focus and communicate

Accessible, Timely, and Actionable

BioRAFT is your active, daily-use system for compliance programs and your common interface with colleagues all over the globe.

Make it work for you

Does BioRAFT integrate with other systems?

Yes, BioRAFT integrates with your organization's single sign-on system and your HR database to ensure users are always up to date. BioRAFT also integrates with training systems, space management, and equipment management software.

Is the BioRAFT solution secure?

BioRAFT provides secure services to top pharmaceutical companies and research institutions and regularly conducts internal security and penetration testing on our systems and facilities. Our security team would be happy to engage your IT team to discuss any security requirements you might have.

What makes BioRAFT different from other EHS software?

BioRAFT is designed to make safety and compliance tasks easy for researchers, and to provide a common, daily-use interface around which researchers and EHS can communicate and coordinate.

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