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Let's Make Safety & Reporting Simple

Created specifically for the research community, BioRAFT is an intuitive, scalable solution. The software collects, organizes, and displays a broad array of actionable real-time data to improve visibility, reduce risk, and increase productivity across research and EHS.

Health & Safety Professionals

View company-wide safety information, automate time-consuming tasks, and mitigate risk using one comprehensive system.


Quickly and easily track research activities at every location and identify potential risks using configurable, intuitive dashboards and reports.


View lab compliance status, check inventory levels, and verify authorizations in an instant so you can get back to your research.


Reduction in time spent by researchers on their top 15 common safety tasks by using BioRAFT

(2018 Researcher Productivity Survey)
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Key Benefits

Enhance productivity by reducing time spent on common tasks

Safety profiles built based on employee job hazards and exposures

Ensure greater laboratory safety compliance, simplify approvals, and streamline audits

Configurable real-time dashboards help to focus resources for maximum results

Enterprise hosted solution accessible from anywhere

Integrated Modules share information to reduce redundant data entry and errors

Increase Productivity. Accelerate Your Return On Investment.

When it comes to research, speed wins. Researchers want to complete their health and safety tasks quickly and efficiently so they can spend more time on the research they love.

Download the Researcher Productivity Survey to learn more about:

  • Lowering administrative burden
  • Principal investigator cost savings
  • Researcher time savings on common safety and compliance tasks
  • Annual cost savings for inspections

Download the Researcher Productivity Survey to learn more.


Information at Your Fingertips

Biological, chemical, and radioisotope inventory

Training requirements and alerts

Data sortable by hazard or category types

Laboratory and space data

Equipment management, tracking, and preventative maintenance (PM)

Complimentary System Evaluation

Our team of researchers and EHS professionals have years of experience solving critical challenges in laboratory risk management.

Our Gap Analysis Report will:

  • Evaluate your current systems to identify areas of success
  • Highlight challenges that need attention
  • Use industry best practices to offer ways to reduce risk, drive productivity, and simply reporting.
Receive a Complimentary Gap Analysis

A Modular Scalable Solution

The BioRAFT platform provides a stable foundation on which your organization can grow. This platform approach reduces dependence on piecemeal systems and cumbersome manual methods, greatly improving the efficiency of scientists and safety teams.

The BioRAFT platform evolves as we work collaboratively with customers to develop new functionality. When your organization’s needs grow, new capabilities can be gained by implementing additional modules.


Manage chemical inventory with a robust chemical database. Easily generate complex regulatory reports.

Asset & Equipment Management

Track and manage your organization’s research equipment and assets, including users, locations, certifications, and more.

Biosafety Registration & Committee Review

Streamline the Biosafety registration process, from project and materials submission to committee review, for all parties involved.

Inspections & Audits

Assign, conduct, and review inspections and self inspections based on hazard and risk criteria, which drives real-time data analysis dashboards.

Radioisotope Management

Manage a complete radioisotope use program, from broad scope license limits to authorized user registrations, and cradle to grave reporting.

Training Delivery & Management

Offer a comprehensive health and safety training program with user-specific assignments, automated requirements, and reminders.

Occupational Health & Risk Assessments

Identify, review, and track users that are potentially exposed to animal allergens, as well as survey for their exposure levels and potential health impacts.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Search

Search and view a comprehensive SDS database library of over 1 million unique Safety Data Sheets.

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