Higher Education

Higher Education

Get Everyone Under Your Lab Safety Umbrella

The average institution can only identify 22% of the people who should be enrolled in their safety program; BioRAFT identifies and enrolls the rest.

Bring them all together


of researchers have at some point in their career been aware of at least one major injury requiring medical attention within their lab (Source: 2012 Laboratory Safety Culture Survey)

Leadership Requires Data

Real-time dashboards enable leadership to understand and appropriately allocate resources for safety and compliance programs.

See the light

Dashboards and Reports to help you focus and communicate

Serve the Unique Safety Needs of Each Lab and Each Lab Worker

BioRAFT's automation and workflows enable efficient delivery of personalized safety services.

Serve your community


Reduction in time spent on safety inspections

Spend More Time Building Relationships with Researchers

Reinvest time saved with BioRAFT to become an active partner with
the research community to improve safety.

Start building now

Does BioRAFT integrate with other systems?

Yes, BioRAFT integrates with your organization's single sign-on system and your HR database to ensure users are always up to date. BioRAFT also integrates with training systems, space management, and equipment management software.

Is the BioRAFT solution secure?

BioRAFT provides secure services to top pharmaceutical companies and research institutions and regularly conducts internal security and penetration testing on our systems and facilities. Our security team would be happy to engage your IT team to discuss any security requirements you might have.

What makes BioRAFT different from other EHS software?

BioRAFT is designed to make safety and compliance tasks easy for researchers, and to provide a common, daily-use interface around which researchers and EHS can communicate and coordinate.

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