Our Vision

The BioRAFT vision is to create a unified system of management that supports the sustainability and advancement of research that benefits mankind.

Central to our daily operations are our three core values. These are what ensure our vision always stays true to its purpose.

Three Core Values

  • Researchers

    Our company was founded by researchers, for researchers. While many of our tools are developed for compliance tracking and information archival -- "administrative evils to researchers" -- we focus on making the researcher experience as painless as possible. We understand that if filling out forms and registering new projects is quick and easy, it is more likely to be done. The result is safer and more efficient laboratories.

  • Innovation

    As a company, we are always pushing our limits to come up with newer and better ideas. We have modeled our product after no one, and strive to always blaze our own paths. Our culture is fast-paced and up-beat. We think aloud and perpetually brain storm about newer and better ways.

  • Quality

    We treat quality as a way of life. Our programming style allows each of our developers to feel deep ownership of the applications we create. This is reflected in the attention to detail that we show in every aspect of our work. We hold ourselves to highest standards.