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Eyes on the 61st CSHEMA Annual Conference

Things are moving quickly here at BioRAFT as we prepare for the 61st CSHEMA Annual Conference. BioRAFT has been a regular attendee for years, and we have even presented here in the past. This year we look forward to meeting with old friends, discussing the challenges EH&S professionals face promoting research safety, and showing off how we've improved the BioRAFT platform in the time since last year's conference!

Join us at CSHEMA in Booth #408 to see what's new with our software!

Book a 15-minute meeting with us in advance, and we'll give you one of these great USB chargers which you can use to recharge your phone when you're on the go at a conference.

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Recorded Webinar: The Best CHO, Strategies for Success

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Webinar April 2 - The Best Chemical Hygiene Officer: Strategies for Success

The Best Chemical Hygiene Officer:
Strategies for Success

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST


What does it take to become the best Chemical Hygiene Officer (CHO)? OSHA requires over 40,000 laboratories in the United States to have a CHO, but they provide little guidance in what it takes to be good at the job.

The Laboratory Safety Institute teaches about the OSHA Lab Standard, has counseled and trained hundreds of Chemical Hygiene Officers, and reviewed and written countless Chemical Hygiene Plans (CHPs).

Dr. James A. Kaufman, LSI Founder and President/CEO, will share with you years of experience and insight into what it takes to hire, support, and be "The Best Chemical Hygiene Officer."

Webinar participants will learn:

•         Background on the OSHA Lab Standard and the CHO role
•         Responsibilities of the Best CHO
•         Hiring and training the Best CHO
•         Supporting and protecting the Best CHO
•         What's in the Best CHO's CHP
•         How to get the resources for your CHO and CHP